Pulteney Park


Pulteney Park

            Pulteney Park is the original village green at the center of Geneva, as surveyed and laid out in 1794. By the year 1800, the Geneva Hotel, the post office, a grocery store, and the Geneva Academy stood around the village green overlooking the lake. About 50 students may have attended school, and on alternate Sundays people gathered in the schoolhouse to listen to the Reverend Mr. Chapman preach.

            In the 1820s the row houses were built with shops in many of tem. The public square, as it became known, was used as a place for horses, wagons, and stagecoaches to “park” when people were in Geneva transacting business. In 1825 the square was conveyed to the village of Geneva and the trustees encircled it with a “quaint ornamental wooden fence.” In June of that year, the square was the scene of the official welcome of General La Fayette. A reviewing stand, supported by columns and decorated with flowers, was built. Speeches were read, songs were sung, and ladies leaned out of the windows waving white handkerchiefs.

            During the 1820s, as the last row houses were being built, businesses began shifting to the waterfront and the public square suffered from lack of maintenance. “Cows, dogs, horses, and the family wash line were frequent occurrences.” In 1874, a group of ladies formed the Village Improvement Association, directed construction, and installed a fountain in the square. In 1879, when the ladies work was completed, the public square was officially named Pulteney Park by the village officials.

            The 20th Century has brought war memorials to the park like the pool and statue, Peace, in the center, and the granite WWII memorial on the south side.

  Velocipedes in Pulteney Park, 1879

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